Are you an experienced real estate professional

Are you fed up with your job which gives you no freedom

Old real estate office pays low commission


We think real estate is not a job, it's a LIFESTYLE. We do care about you and We help and support you to shine in your career and future. We give you the opportunity to earn more and start your own Business. You can work from home and there is no need to come to an office. You can enjoy your precious time with your FAMILY. If you have certificate of registration then we will give an opportunity to earn up to 70% of the commission or If you have a real estate license then we will give an opportunity to earn up to 85% of the commission.




Do you want to know how this is possible? Be a part of a growing dynamic company that is totally committed to investing in your career and professional life. Elite green real estate is built primarily for the experienced real estate agents. Our Sales Professionals listen, care and provide a Service.



Surround yourself with experienced  leaders to support, coach, respect and listen to your ideas. We’ve built a working environment that embraces flexibility (i.e. work your own hours, work from home) and diversity, one that empowers you to do your best. We listen, care and provide a service to our lovely community.



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