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First step to sell any property. Our sales professionals will come to your place and will tell you how much your property worth in a stress free envionment Why you need an agent to manage the sale of your house. In this age of Google and various pieces of technology, many people are quick to call themselves experts in things they don’t actually have all that much understanding of – ever self-diagnosed an illness instead of going to the doctor? Given the likes of Gumtree and other peer-to-peer selling sites have made it easier for people to sell their cars, white goods, and countless other objects, it might be tempting to think that you can bypass a real estate agent and sell your house yourself. Why pay someone a cut of the sale when you could do it yourself, right? Well, wrong, actually. The property market might seem like something you can manage yourself, but the market can be not only difficult, but downright volatile depending on where you are selling, and getting an agent to help you through the process will ensure you make it out both not just unscathed, but victorious. From making your property ready for sale and valuing it, marketing it to the widest audience possible, scheduling inspections, understanding incomprehensible legal jargon, and negotiating with prospective buyers through to paying unexpected costs, there is more to selling a property than one might originally think. A real estate agent can take care of it all, saving clients time and money. The best real estate agents will get to know their clients and what exactly it is they want out of a sale, within what time frame, and help them achieve it. The best agents are motivated because they genuinely care about the clients they work with, and given the job is their bread and butter day in and day out, they know how to get it done properly. Meanwhile, a seller trying to do it themselves most likely has a job that takes up a significant portion of their time, and perhaps a family, leaving an inadequate amount of time to properly manage a sale – not to mention their lack of experience. Having someone who has the networks in place and the industry know how to sell a house ensures maximum exposure and allows for a more organised, streamlined process. Real estate agents use their resources to reach a huge number of potential buyers with minimal effort on the part of the seller, helping facilitate a quicker sale. Of course, working with a real estate agent doesn’t mean that the process will be a work of cake, of course. As with everything, there are challenges, but working with an agent means you will be aware of what they are and be well equipped to deal with them – there isn’t a problem that can arise that a competent real estate agent won’t be able to help you with. The decades of collective experience and willingness to tackle the problems associated with selling a property make hiring a real estate agent an incredibly sound decision both fiscally and mentally, as it saves you not only time and money, but often too your sanity. There are a lot of things that technology now enables us to do without much prior knowledge or training, but selling a house isn’t one of them. You may baulk at the cut of the sale they will take, but the right agent will help you maximize your profits to make the most out of a sale, in turn making that fee pocket change. The expertise of real estate agents and their willingness to work to achieve a client’s goals makes them a property seller’s best friend. Thinking of selling, Please call or email Elite Green real estate for Assistant