Free market Appraisal

First step to sell any property. Our sales professionals will come to your place and will tell you how much your property worth in a stress free envionment Why you need an agent to manage the sale of your house. In this age of Google and various pieces of technology, many people are quick to call themselves experts in things they don’t actually have all that much understanding of – ever self-diagnosed an illness instead of going to the doctor? Given the likes of Gumtree and other peer ... [Read More...]

Residential sales

There is nothing closer to your family than your home. It's a very personal thing and when it comes time to sell it or look for a new home, the service should be personalized too. Our clients, whether buyers or sellers, don't feel like a number when they work with Elite green Real Estate. We make them feel like family. The agency strives to keep up with market changes and to treat its customers with the utmost concern and courtesy.

Development site

Our sales Professionals have a local knowledge of large development sites. They have a proven strategy to maximise price, working hand-in-hand with buyers to extract the highest and best offers

Residential Projects (H & L packages)

With the ever increasing demand for residential property, the Elite Green real estate has established a Residential Projects Division. The team’s focus is on site acquisition, consolidation and project marketing and specialise in the sales and marketing of residential projects from small boutique sites to multi-stage high-rise developments. Our Project Marketing team has the resources and capability that can only be acquired after many years in the business to ensure your residential pro ... [Read More...]